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First-Class Myrtle Beach Masonry Services

Call on Old School Masonry when you're in need of professional masonry services in the Myrtle Beach area. We're experts in all kinds of projects that involve stone, brick, mortar, and concrete, and we have the tools and machinery to ensure every job our customers present to us can be done to their complete satisfaction. Whether you're looking for ">brickwork to be done on your chimney or excavation services for your new property development, Old School Masonry is the Myrtle Beach masonry contractor you can call for the best masonry services and high-quality results.

Keep reading to learn a little more about the services we offer to Myrtle Beach and how they can benefit you in your next masonry project.

Home Improvements

You can count on almost any home having concrete on or around it, and just like everything else on your property, it will likely need repairs or improvements every now and then. Let Old School Masonry provide you with the masonry services needed to perform all kinds of improvements and updates for concrete on your property.

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Stone, brick, mortar, and concrete are all materials that our masons here at Old School Masonry can expertly work with for any project you have in mind. With years of experience building, repairing, and restoring these materials, you can't go wrong hiring us for your masonry services.

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If you're developing property in Myrtle Beach, the only name to know for excavation is Old School Masonry. We've got the tools and expertise necessary to dig into and move around the earth on your property to prepare it for all kinds of installations like wells, sewers, foundational supports, and more.

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If your chimney has started to crumble or your back patio wall is looking dull, call on Old School Masonry for brickwork. Our masons can repair, restore, and replace all kinds of brickwork around your home to bring it back to life.

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Natural stone is a beautiful addition to any home. Our team is full of stonework experts that can install and repair any kind of stone you want for your property to give it that classic, natural look.

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Keeping your property dry is important to avoid erosion and shifting earth. Old School Masonry can provide you with drainage services that will ensure your property stays free of pooling water and eliminates the risk of damage.

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You might need a trench for a number of things on your Myrtle Beach property, and we're the team that can help you out. We've got the industry machinery needed to dig trenches for drainage, retaining walls, sprinkler systems, and more.

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Core Drilling

Core drilling will be mandatory if you plan to build a significant subsurface structure. This procedure is helpful in industrial, commercial, and residential projects. If you need core drilling for other masonry contractor work in Myrtle Beach, contact our company immediately for prompt and professional help.

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Maintenance Services

As most property owners know, the little things tend to add up over time, especially when it comes to maintenance. If you're a Myrtle Beach home or business owner in need of professional maintenance services to help you keep your property in good shape, look no further than the skilled masonry contractors here at Old School Masonry.

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